Second batch of tea stained quilt hearts

P1100700When it’s too cold to go out in the workshop and paint sign boards, I sit in front of the TV and stitch!  Have had LOTS of stitching time this past month!  This is the second batch of tea stained lace quilt hearts.

P1100703I stamped out some tea stained muslin ‘tags’ for this batch.





A few close-ups.  I don’t really know HOW to explain how I did these; other than gluing on layers and layers of lace and ric-rac.


Typically started with a BIG piece of lace first, then layered on the thinner pieces.

P1100709Sometimes I worked laying the lace ‘down the sides’; and sometimes across, like on this one.


 A few layers along one side, then a few along the other side; overlapping at the end point.


 I HOPE you can see all the layers in these close up photos.

P1100712Added a snippet of burlap to this one; and a border of lace around the right side edge.

P1100713This one I did the border along the outside edge on both sides.    I think this one is my favorite.  Not as ‘busy’ as some of the others and that ‘bluing’ on the button is just perfect!

These will be going to my space at Stars.    Then it’s time to start cranking out the signs for the upcoming spring show!