Salvaged legs ~ New top.

Once again, I have forgotten the before picture,  sigh.

P1200303These pretty curved and carved legs were attached to the UGLIEST table top!! Formica topped particle board??!!?

P1200304The top it came with was a unique shape, one of those oval oblongs with points on the sides.  (I’m sure that shape has a name, but I’ve never been able to find it!)  Anyhoooooo . . . I initially thought about tracing the original shape onto this piece of wood to replicate it.  But when Michael laid this piece on top just to see if it was the right size, I decided the plain top looked better with the fancy legs.


Painting those legs was quite the adventure!  I wanted to leave the carved parts their original dark brown, but painting around them proved nearly impossible.  So I tried my trusty small foam roller with very little paint on it.  Perfect!  Well, almost perfect.  Some of the paint still dripped into the carvings in a few places, and proved impossible to ‘wipe off’ completely.  I wiped the wet paint as best I could, then after my second coat of paint was dry, I ‘filled in’ those areas with brown paint and a small brush.

P1200322Then I hand sanded along the edges and outer curves of the legs.  The top, as you can see, I chose to pint solid white, and not distressed.  (because the wood that would show IF I did distress it was lighter in color than the legs.)   It’s probably going to be covered with stuff and barely seen anyhow??? Why spend a lot of time on a decorative paint job, right?

P1200751Available for purchase in my booth at Stars for $89.00.


Little round table re-do

Got htis sweet little table at an estate sale last summer.

The legs were in perfect shape.

(* SHOPPING HINT:  Always ‘look at the legs’ when you are considering buying an item that has legs, like tables or chairs.  Damaged legs will take a LOT of time and effort to fix up.  Especially if you are going to be re-selling the item.   Tops are EASY to sand down and repaint or refinish; so ANY amount of damage is not a hindrance.    I often base my buying decisions on how good the legs are. )

The top was not so good; but as per the above advice, I snatched it up.

I scrubbed the whole thing down with Murphy’s oil soap; gave the top a good sanding and the legs a light dose of KILZ spray.  Then two coats of a cream colored latex paint.

Some sanding to distress it a bit.

Not quite as distressed as I’d like it to be, so I applied a quick coat of RL tobacco glaze.

Much better!

In this photo, the front leg is not yet glazed so you can see the difference the glazing process makes.

This little cutie is destined to go to our space at Stars mid-month, as soon as the bigger space is available.