I’ll explain more about ‘why?’ I’ve decided to close down my etsy shop later.  For now I need to spend time putting the sale information in all 100+ of my listings, one by one.  I got about half way through them last night.


Even though I don’t yet have the sale information in each listing, the 50% discount IS valid on ALL of the signs in my etsy shop.  You will just have to look at one of the listings on the first page to get the sale ‘coupon code’, to enter when you check out.  It will automatically deduct the 50% from the price of the sign.

Shipping remains the same.  

Local shoppers whom are able to pick up their signs directly from me, and don’t need them mailed; will get their shipping costs refunded.  There is no way to automatically deduct the shipping costs; so refunding them after the fact is all I can do.  Be sure to mention that you want to pick up your purchase, and not have it mailed, in the notes to seller when you purchase.

Mixing and matching stencils

I have a LOT of stencils.  And the more I buy, the more I (think) I need!  First I ordered a stock ‘LAUNDRY’ sign.  Made several signs.  Put them in my etsy shop and they sold quite well.  BUT THEN, someone inquired about a BIGGER one.  Then someone else asked if I could make one that says LAUNDRY ROOM?!?!?  And it just snowballs from there!

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 017

So I am trying to ‘order SMARTER’ when I have custom stencils made.  I ordered a big LAUNDRY ROOM sign and can make it with or withOUT the ‘room’ part on the end!  And on some of the smaller signs, I can make them a tad bigger by leaving more of a border around the words, like in the second from top LAUNDRY sign above.

6.1.13 laundry sign WONG 025And because I sand, basecoat, top coat and distress my sign boards well before I actually need to make signs, I often have boards to use that don’t perfectly fit the stencil.  Of course I CAN (and frequently DO!) just cut off the excess wood; sometimes I like to add some different design features.   Like the one above where I added little fleur de lis on either end to fill in the space.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 083When I DO cut off the excess ends of signs, I save all those pieces in a big box, then when it gets full I make little signs out of them!   Like these little crowns.  These are about 3-5″ x 3-5″.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 086And these little chandeliers on slightly bigger scraps.

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 098And signs like these . .

5.23.13 stars etsy signs 093  . .  and these . .

5.21.13 finds signs projects 162And these!   And sometimes I just stamp a big single letter on them,nad when I get a ‘box full’ will take them to one of my booths.

I’ve also been trying to think of new ways to sue some of the stencils I already have by mixing and matching parts of different stencils to create one sign.  Here’s my first ‘experiment’:

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 014For these signs I used 2-3 different stencils and a foam stamp (on the biggest one).

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 017My original small LAUNDRY sign, combined with “French” from a ‘French Market’ sign and small fleur de lis from my ‘Paris Flea Market’ sign.  Not bad for my first attempt.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 018I was just rummaging through what I had on hand in prepped and ready to letter sign boards that I might be able to use here.  Was thinking of trying to add a border design on this bigger one; but decided that I kinda liked the bare border.    Same as the first one, just on  a larger board.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 019And on this longer board, I use a bigger fleur de lis foam stamp.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 014So, which layout do you like best?  I need to pick ONE to produce for selling.  (and can offer the other styles by custom order.)