Only TWENTY SHOPPING DAYS LEFT until Sophie’s Cottage closes!!

OH MY!!  How quickly the time has gone by!  It seemed like such a LONG way off when we started the sale the first of June.  And now we only have TWENTY days left!

Here are current pictures of teh shop.  As you can see, there is still PLENTY of great product to shop for.  A  great time to do some early Christmas shopping and SAVE big!

7.28.09 pantry033

7.28.09 pantry032

7.28.09 pantry031

7.28.09 pantry028

7.28.09 pantry027

7.28.09 pantry026

7.28.09 pantry025

And I didn’t even take pictures of the ‘up to 80% off tables’; which are piled HIGH with the deepest discounted items.  And more is added EVERY DAY as things sale.

7.28.09 pantry029

And I just brouhgt in three of these shaby white wood chairs.

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