After MANY months of writing and editing, I finally finished my latest e-book, “CREATE YOUR OWN CLOCHES”.  And it’s now available to purchase in my etsy shop for $10.00

It has 137 full color pages of instructions and ideas to inspire you to create your own unique decorative cloches.  For my blog readers only, I’m offering a 50% discount.  To get the discount, you’ll need to enter the coupon code: BLOGSPECIAL in the coupon code box when you check out.  Very simple.  Very easy!  

I make and SELL  literally HUNDREDS of these cloches a year.  But even if you just want to make a few for your personal home decor, and maybe to give as gifts; this e-book will save you ten times the purchase price on what you MIGHT have spent otherwise to buy ‘ready made’  or vintage cloches.  

The buys holiday season for etsy sales is fast approaching, so I won’t be able to offer it at the special discount for very long.  Get it while the gettin’s GOOD (and cheap!!)

***Most of what’s in the e-book IS already ‘somewhere’ here in my blog.    But it takes a lot of hunting and searching  to find all that old information when you want it, (even for ME!)  The advantage of the e-book is that it’s all in one place at the same time and easy for you to access over and over again, whenever you wish.

Click here to go to my etsy shop.


Here are a few preview pictures:
























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