Michael’s Recycled Remnants @ the Beaverton FLEA MARKET ~ June 15th 10am – 4pm


 Michael has been very busy building all kinds of unfinished pieces to sell at the Beaverton Flea Market this Saturday; sponsored by Curiosities Vintage Mall.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 058I don’t know what he has priced things at, but he ALWAYS keeps his prices super low!

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 059Little unfinished cedar patio tables.  Can be left unfinished to naturally weather and age just like your cedar fence does!  This stuff still has a nice raised grain, so it’s perfect for a quick ‘dry brush paint job’.  OR if you want a nicer traditional finish, you can sand the wood smooth and paint or stain.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 060A few pieces, like this bench, were built using painted  scrap wood.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 061New cedar and old weathered cedar plant ‘steps’.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 062Rustic cedar garden ‘trugs’.  SO many ways to use these!  To haul around your garden tools, of course.  But you can also paint them up and hang them on a wall as a shelf and towel rack.   In the kitchen to hold your cook books?  In the bathroom maybe with extra towels and wash cloths on top and your hand drying towel hung from the handle?  LOTS of ideas for  these things on Pinterest.

Like this.

Or this!

TOO much to look at on PInterest!!

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 101Lots of reclaimed birch plywood book shelves.  These are the kinds of shelves that I paint up and sell, and use for display.  Nice smooth wood.  Mostly just need to sand over the edges and corners before painting.  These paint up very nicely.

6.10.13 signs Michael Stars 103Corner shelves, counter top book racks, hutches and wall shadow boxes!

Yep, Michael hac been VERY busy making stuff for this Flea Market!  Come and get ’em while the gettin’s good!

flea flyer





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  1. Love your ‘stuff’; wish I was in Beaverton to load up my truck with your goodies and Michael’s; I’m sure shipping to Texas is out of the question. Enjoy your weekend and hope you sell lots and lots!

    Ann Burt
    Mary Kay Inc. | Government Relations | 16251 Dallas Parkway | Dallas, TX 75001 | 972.687.4024

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