What’s wrong with THIS picture?!?!?


I’ve sort of ‘known’ that they did ‘this kind of thing’ for years.  You can often see ‘several layers’ of price tags carefully place perfectly on top of each other.  But to do it THIS blatantly!?!?!  And then over the loud speaker I hear, “Goo afternoon Goodwill shoppers.  Our color tag of the week is PURPLE.  all items with a purple color tag are half off.

And it wasn’t just that one item.  There were quite a few.  I really wanted to ‘call them out’ on this; especially since the purple tag is TOTALLY visible.  Alas, it was late in the day and I was not feeling at all well.  (recently diagnosed with plantar fasciiatis.  OH JOY!)   My foot just hurt so bad that I didn’t ‘have the fight in me’. But I did take pictures so I could at least BLOG SHAME them.

I found it EXTRA annoying because earlier this week, at a different GW,I had been informed that they are no longer giving out reward points with their club cards.  Um, Okay.  Card holders will still get a small discount on purchases over a certain dollar amount; but no accumulating points and no $10.00 ‘coupon; every time you reach 500 points.

I’m really quite flabbergasted at this.  They are cutting back on shoppers benefits and charging us MORE (in the long run) so that they can spend more on paying employees to ‘change price tags’?!?!?

Oh, and BTW, you can’t even GET their club cards anymore.  They stopped issuing them after only a couple of years, but had continued to honor them.  AND the cashier’s STILL ask every shopper if you have a club card?!?!?

So what would they say if a customer said, “No, but I’d love to get one!  How do I sign up?”

Oh you can’t get them anymore.

They why do you ask everyone if the HAVE one?!?!

BADwill.  For shame!

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  1. I have too much to say about “Badwill”! Rarely shop there anymore.

  2. I agree with everything you said. It’s hard to shop at the Goodwill when I know the CEO is making over $850,000. It makes me sick.

  3. I have never seen this at the GW’s where I go … Bloomington, IN and Kansas City. They seem to be locally operated and very different. I have a card in IN, but there are no cards in MO. I think a letter of complaint to the local corporate office needs to happen! Remember that the stores are just one aspect of a big operation that provides employment to a lot of people who otherwise would not be working.

  4. I hardly ever go to BW any more because their prices are absolutely
    STUPID. It really irks me to go in there and see MANY items from the Dollar Store marked $2.99. Do they think we are THAT stupid?
    I read last year that the BW executive is the highest paid of all the so called “non-profits” in the country. Seems that with all his perks it was around $13 mil while the Salvation Army exec. was way under $i00,000.
    I refuse to donate to BW anymore. All of their merchandise is donated to them and was supposed to be sold so people who could not afford new could purchase it at a reasonable price. NOT ANYMORE!

  5. Club Card?! I never knew they offered a Club Card….. Well that’s probably a good thing since I didn’t have one & they weren’t giving out new ones. I too have been extremely irritated the last several times I’ve been in to our local store. Not only do they give my mom a hard time when she asks for her Sr. discount on Wednesdays (apparently she looks young for her age), but their prices are OUT OF CONTROL! They get this stuff for free for gosh sakes! Why do they feel the need to mark it up 10xs over retail?
    Some of their “collectible” items are nowhere near collectible & you can go to the regular aisle & often find the same item at regular price. so frustrating. I even questioned the manager once about the price of a loaf tin that was marked $19.99. I would sell it in my shop for probably $8. I thought for sure it had to have been marked wrong, but the manager assured me it was correctly priced. Needless to say I left empty handed & disgusted that day.

  6. I never shop at or donate to Goodwill anymore either. When you figure everything they sell is donated so they never buy any stock and, while they advertise hiring “challenged” workers (at very LOW wages), everything they make is profit. I saw where their CEO has an extremely high salary!!! And… those new, freestanding, huge stores are not exactly cheat-rent, down-scale, thrift shops!!! I’ll patronize the small, local charity stores that need the business. Or The Salvation Army which has a much better charity reputation.

  7. They never help anyone! Plus their a profit 4, w/o tax profits for govt that means no problem w/IRS …oh did you ever see their website? All big ticket items that well off people donate (tax write off)…like really nice expensive cars, even saw Cadillacs, jewelry, homes, ect.. instead of doing a huge estate sale …it’s a $$$ billion business. It is a huge ripoff! 200% profit. Its all Free!!! They even get free labor! Because they “claim to help people & reform” criminals by allowing them to work off punishment (40-300+ hours) of court ordered Community service. Mostly just a misdemeanor & not been in jail. Gw also hides behind a huge sinful pretence of racism religion, and greed. Shame on them.

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