Bird and nest cloche

So, what did I do with that nice BIG candle pedestal leftover from yesterdays post that I decided NOT to use in the silver candle project?

Ah~ha!  A cloche that fits perfectly!

And a little ceramic bird that fits perfectly on top of the cloche!  (attached with some e6000)

Now for the nest.  Well, first some BROWN paint on the pedestal.  The black just wasn’t doing it for me.  I hand formed the nest with some Spanish moss and worked in a little bit of green moss.  *GLUED the nest to a small circle of cardboard, which was in turn glued to the pedestal.  Then hot glued the eggs in place.  *(Theft-proofing!)

I actually kind of like how it looks with the top set to the side.

But it’s really meant to be displayed like this.

Now that I am looking at it all finished, I’m thinking it would have been cute to tie a little tea stained tag around the top.  Oh well, maybe next time.  This one is already in my space at Stars.

You’ll notice I had to make the nest VERY flat around the edges as the cloche had a very fluted base.  Just be sure to ‘test fit’ you cloche over your nest before gluing things down.

And here it is, in my space at Stars.

In a little table top vignette with other nest and bird decor items.

Those sweet little birds fit on a LOT of different cloches I had in stock!  Now if I can just fine MORE of those little birds!!

This project listed on Shanty 2 Chic’s ‘I Made it Without my Hubby’ linky party.


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  1. i love your shop! so inspirational!

  2. Love the little birds nest cloche!! It looks like the bird is sitting on the nest. So cute!! I love all your ideas!!! I had not been able to read for a couple of days and saw your dilema over the twine balls. This is what I would try. Take some white wall paint and water it down a lot, put it in an ice cream bucket or something kind of deep that you can throw away and soak the balls in it. Let them drain and dry over some chicken wire or something like that. I think it might work. I have done this to grapevine wreaths to make them white and they turn out just great. Good luck and keep those ideas coming. Blessings, Linda

  3. I love these! and just featured them on a post about table decorating with birds. I included a link back to your blog. Would appreciate it if you would add my “featured on” button to your post!

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