Pumpkin make-overs.

P1230212We had a few very windy days and a lot of moss fell from the pine tree in my yard.  I had brought this pumpkin back in to re-paint (it was my ‘least favorite’, had that weird grainy surface) and decided a bit of moss around the stem might be a nice touch.  The tiny yellow pumpkin is a real one.

P1230213So then, of course I had to add moss to ALL of them!

P1230214Just  bit of tacky glue and blobbed it on!  easy peasy.






On a TOTALLY unrelated topic, I’m debating whether or not to splurge on a Keurig single cup coffee brewer; presuming there will be some pretty good sale prices on them during the upcoming holidays.

I only drink ONE cup of coffee in the morning, and for the last few years I’ve been content with instant.  Before that I had a Melita single cup brewer, which I really liked.  But they stopped making the pods for them!?!?  For the years years before that, when I could drink an entire pot of coffee during a day of crafting, I always bought Starbucks whole bean coffee, and ground it fresh per pot.

So when the brewers that take k-cups originally came out; I decided to not get one for fear that the same thing would happen and I’d have to toss out yet another perfectly good coffee maker.  But, by now, it’s pretty clear that the k-cup is here to stay; and they even make a Keurig MINI that is less expensive and takes up less counter space (which, as you know there is not much of here in my new place!)

AND they even make them in turquoise and red!!!  I’ve had coffee made with them when visiting others and it IS really good.  But the k-cups are a bit pricey . . . but if I only use ONE a day . . . .

Do any of you have a Keurig?  Was it worth the price?

Do I NEED one??

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  1. what a great idea with the moss! It makes them look even better–I even like the “grainy” one just like it is. Good job!

  2. love our Keurig! If you order your coffee off of Amazon you can find some good deals. Hubby is a decaf drinker, I’m not, so this is the perfect solution for us. We order “San Francisco Bay OneCup, Fog Chaser, 80 Single Serve Coffees” for 29.95, free shipping. Love the pods with the filter like bottoms as opposed to the hard cups and they work fine in our Keurig

  3. Love the moss on the pumpkins! As for the Keurig …. go for it! You only drink one cup of coffee each day and you deserve to have a GOOD cup not a nasty instant!

  4. Yes, they ARE worth the expense. You can buy walmarts brand of kcups. You can also buy Lipton’s iced tea cups! Just use a Pyrex measuring cup to catch the hot tea and then pour it over a glass of ice! Quick iced tea without any waste!

  5. Keurig was the BEST gift I ever bought myself!!! LOVE mine!!

  6. I LOVE ALL your posts and your stuff is great. Hope your hand is better too. Now for the coffee situation. If you have been content with the instant, from an economical point it would make sense to not incur the expense of a new coffee maker and buying the costly pods. On the other hand, one cup of coffee a day should be grand if that is all you are allowing yourself…so I say go for it. You are worth it!

  7. My youngest son is the only one in the house who drinks coffee so we got him a mini Keurig from HSN or QVC last Christmas. He loves it!

  8. #1- We bought a Keurig Vue a year ago, maybe 2, and the K Cups for that are becoming obsolete! So don’t think the same thing can’t happen again!

    #2- If I’m correct, the mini Keurig (at least the one my friend had) HAS to have K Cups. A full sized one doesn’t. You buy a filter and throw in Folgers or whatever you prefer. I don’t buy the Pods, because I’m cheap! My husband buys the pods, and he’s a coffee addict too. So he spends a small fortune on coffee that way!

    #3- Don’t forget to follow the cleaning instructions. Just needs Vinegar every 6 months or so. The machine is NOT trash, even though it stops working ☺. I love my Keurig. I only drink ONE cup of Joe a day. Caffeine makes my eyes twitch!

  9. Your pumpkins are so cute with the moss on them–great idea! I have a red Keurig single cup coffee maker and love it! Being thrifty (cheap), I bought the My K-Cup reusable filter and fill it with my own coffee supply. Easy to wash or rinse out and it is ready for the next day. It is nice to have some of the regular K-cups on hand for guests, though.

  10. Love mine. The simplicity and convenience can’t be beat! My kCup rule of thumb is: find a blend I like then pay 50 cents/cup, or less. (Use coupons or shop Sam’s/Costco) note: it tastes even better when you find a deal! I don’t do Starbucks – too $$ for my taste and I’ve had bad luck with no-name brands. I think kCups are here to stay. Hope this is of some help.

  11. Our office bought the generic little basket pods that we can fill ourselves. That way, we can use whatever coffee we want, and it’s much less expensive. We also don’t have to worry about the company discontinuing the pods. We just rinse the little basket out after we brew each cup of coffee. We have had ours for two or three years now with 15 staff members using it all day long every day! By the way, LOVE your blog and your creative ideas!

  12. I too only drink 1 cup a day and bought a kuerig a few years ago. I always shop sales for the kcups and don’t buy unless it comes to less than 50 cents a piece.

  13. I’m a fresh-ground coffee bean coffee lover, but I really like the Starbuck’s instant Via line, especially the Colombian….if you only drink one cup a day, maybe would be way less messy than a coffeemaker?

  14. Hey AJ, I don’t drink coffee-coffee (I drink 1 cup international coffee each morning) but folks here at work and both my children have them and love them. I think if you want to enjoy that one, rich, satisfying cup each day….go for it!!

  15. I really enjoy the convenience and quality of the Keurig and the K-Cups. I highly recommend getting one. 🙂

  16. QVC has the MINI is AWESOME colors, and the RE USEABLE filter is DEF the way to go..Good Luck!

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