Apothecary jars and eggs

I forgot to remind you that if you are looking for eggs to decorate with (not specifically Easter) that Easter time is THE time to look.  You might still find some on clearance at this point.  I ALWAYS stock up on faux eggs while they are in stock before Easter.  Found these pretty combo packs of eggs at 40% off a few weeks ago at JoAnn’s.   They also had these same eggs with clear strings attached to use as ornaments.

Rummaged through my stash of glass jars and found these three matching apothecary jars; all bought at different places/times. If the price is right, I’ll always grab up and buy glass jars.  Pretty ones like this, and grubby glass bottles.  Even if I don’t have an immediate use for them.  Because when inspiration DOES strike, I want to have them on hand and ready to use!

What can you DO with all those eggs???  Fill jars with them, like I already showed you.  Put them under a glass cloche, like this.

Fill MORE glass apothecary jars with them!

And if they don’t happen to sell as quickly as you’d hoped; you can always EMPTY the jars and sell them empty; OR fill them with other things!  Like spools of thread, moss rocks, shells, glass vase fillers . . . just about ANYTHING!

I used this tall skinny cloche, the lid from a used jar candle and a little glass taper candle holder (instead of the wood base shown that I originally was going to use) to make this:

I spent a GOOD amount of time figuring out exactly which eggs to use to best fill the cloche.  And since it was such an ‘exact’ fit, I decided NOT to chance someone taking it apart; and GLUED (using e6000) the cloche to the base.

This was my other option for a base.  And NOW that I look at it again; I like this one BETTER!  Go figure?!?

Used up some of the smaller eggs in these bell jars, with moss nests.  The two jars in the back  are actually the SAME size.  I just added a small glass candle holder as a pedestal on one of them to make it a tad taller.

On display at Stars with some vintage ceramic bunnies.

And the bell jars at Stars.

String theory

I’ve got a thing for string lately.  Started seeing jars filled with old cones of string and big spools of crochet thread a couple of years ago, and instantly fell in love with the look.  Don’t ask me WHY??  It just seem to be appealing to me; and apparently to a LOT of other designers too.

Once it was ‘on my radar’ I began noticing it in abundance at rummage sales and thrift stores.  Bought enough to fill one BIG jar and a smaller ‘fish bowl’ for my own decor at home.  But it didn’t stop there.  It’s like I was ADDICTED to buying the stuff.  BIG bags of a dozen or more were to be found, and it I was patient enough (and lucky enough!) I could get the whole bag full for half price!

Jars full.  Bowls full.  So many cute ways to display them.  Lots of ideas for making cute new labels for those without them.

I had some on cardboard spools/cones that were too bent to use ‘as is’, so I started making string balls!

At first I only looked for white and cream colors.  Then I found some batches with colors mixed in, so I had to find MORE colors to go with those!

I started making the string balls while I watched TV at night, and just kept making them!

Filled all the big glass jars I had on hand with them . . . now what???

Maybe shoppers already have their own jars/vases and just need ‘the stuff’ to fill them.  Here ya go!  An instant string collection, ready for you to toss into a bowl or jar.

They work great as potpourri too!  Just spritz some of your favorite fragrance oil on them and place them out in a bowl.

It’s fun finding ‘just the right’ color combination to fill the jars.

Some small spools of thread tossed in when I had ones that matched the color theme.  I also made some decorative FELT covered balls to add to the mix for more contrast and interest.

ALL of these shown are for sale in my booth at stars Antiques in Portland, Oregon.

I’ve also got some great vintage flour sack towels, and some new ones with red stripes.

I have a collection of shoe shine bruhses too!  they make great photo displays!